Innovation.  Education.  Community.

  We fund organizations committed to a healthier world.


Our Mission

Woodard & Curran Foundation is a mission-driven organization filled with people motivated by a desire to contribute to a sustainable future. In 2010, the employees of Woodard & Curran, Inc. acted upon that desire, forming the Foundation as 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thanks to the generous donations of time and resources from Woodard & Curran employees, the firm, and other like-minded individuals and organizations, Woodard & Curran Foundation cultivates and leverages endowed resources to contribute to causes that focus on environmental stewardship and education.

Our passion is the environment.

In close partnership with Woodard & Curran, Inc. and its staff, we turn our passion into progress through grant making and collaboration with nonprofit organizations committed to environmental education and results-driven problem solving related to water, food, climate, and energy.

We care about solutions.

We are dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations focused on solving environmental problems through innovation, education, and community engagement by providing financial support and collaborative resources.

Our expertise drives results.

Thanks to the professional talents and personal passions the people of Woodard & Curran Inc. bring to the Foundation, we are uniquely positioned to identify, evaluate, and support projects focused on solving environmental problems. We have the technical expertise and professional network to maximize their potential for success. Together with our grantees and partners, we turn great ideas into meaningful impacts.

We are proud that the September/October 2018 issue of Engineering Inc. features a comprehensive article on Woodard & Curran Foundation. Read about how our the impact of our funding from the grant recipients themselves and learn more about our philosophy to give away as much money as possible to organizations committed to a healthier world.

We’re more than just a source of financial support. We’re people living what we believe in – sustainable solutions today so that future generations inherit a healthy planet.
— Althea Masterson, founding member, Board of Directors

What We've Achieved

  • Supported a long-term wastewater treatment solution for a village in Honduras.

  • Expanded classroom outreach teaching the value of water and conservation methods reaching thousands of teachers, children, and parents.

  • Addressed food insecurity issues through support to educate and empower a community tackling the issue of access to healthy food.

  • Supported upgrades and expansion to important weather stations used for research and STEM education.

  • Expanded education outreach focused on rainwater capture, composting, water disposal, material reuse and repurpose, and organic gardening techniques.

  • Support for rain water harvesting in a Guatemalan community of nearly 300 people living in extreme poverty.

  • Enabled application of advanced technologies to grow, restore, and reseed local bays and estuaries.

  • Increased our grant giving by 10 times since founding in 2010.

  • Doubled our giving each of the first 4 years to $40,000 annually.