new york school for the deaf



Funding of $2500 was granted to the New York School for the Deaf in 2014 in support of their endeavor to build a greenhouse in order to expand the growing season and create a year round living classroom. In collaboration with the Food Bank of Westchester, which grows and distributes to over 200 food pantries ultimately feeding more than 18,000 residents, this expansion provides the opportunity to educate more people and supply healthy food to those in need. 




The majority of crops go to the Food Bank for Westchester and remaining crops are used to operate a student-run farm stand which provides an earned income stream (80% of the students qualify for Federal free and reduced price lunch) and additional educational opportunities.




The garden is 100% organic and grows flowers that attract bees and butterflies on the garden perimeter. There is a "3 Sisters" garden created in the tradition widespread among Native American farming societies of inter-planting corn, beans and squash in the same mounds - a sophisticated, sustainable system that provides long-term soil fertility. The immediate, positive impact on the environment as well as the vital role of teaching the students and everyone who works on the garden, about sustainable, organic farming has lasting results.




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