Some of the projects we've funded over the years...

engineers without borders
university of maine chapter

In 2011, Woodard & Curran Foundation granted an award of $5000 to Engineers Without Borders University of Maine chapter, working with the residents of Dulce Vivir, Honduras, to implement the second phase of a long-term wastewater treatment solution by installing a sanitary sewer and septic leach field system in their community. This protection from untreated wastewater enables the residents of Dulce Vivir to live in a cleaner and more habitable environment and has significantly improved sanitary conditions.


emory university

In 2014, Woodard & Curran Foundation funded Emory University's Urban Health Initiative. $10,000 was granted to support the Super Giant Community Garden (SGCG) to educate and empower low-income and underserved community members living in an area of Northwest Atlanta, Georgia, also known as "Bankhead." This funding expanded the existing education outreach program, which promotes sustainable practices and provides lessons on rain water capture, composting, litter clean-up, proper disposal of water, material reuse and repurpose, and organic and natural gardening techniques.



With a grant of $15,000 in 2015 from the Woodard & Curran Foundation, Mt Washington Observatory was able to upgrade and expand a network of remote weather stations and add ice resistant anemometers, which measure the force and velocity of wind, to three existing stations. Capturing the data from these weather stations has the capability to help save lives, reduce energy consumption, improve forecasts, educate the next generation through STEM programs, and contribute to research. 


new york school for the deaf

A $2500 grant was awarded in 2014 to the New York School for the Deaf to support the building of a greenhouse to expand the agricultural growing season and provide a year-round living classroom. The majority of crops go to the Food Bank for Westchester and remaining crops are used to operate a student-run farm stand which provides an earned income stream (80% of the students qualify for Federal free and reduced price lunch) and additional educational opportunities.