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2015 Woodard & Curran Foundation Grant

Congratulations to Our 2015 Grant Winners!
We are extremely pleased to announce the 2015 Woodard & Curran Foundation grant recipients.

Mount Washington Observatory, North Conway, NH - $15,000 grant to upgrade and expand the Mesonet Weather Station network of 19 remote stations in and around the White Mountains that continuously collect weather data. The Mount Washington Observatory is a private, nonprofit, member-supported institution with a mission to advance understanding of the natural systems that create Earth’s weather and climate. The funding will assist with weather and climate research, science education programs, and weather forecasting.

 “This grant will allow us to update and replace critical instruments so this unique station array is more weather resistant and more reliable for forecasting and scientific purposes. Once completed, this work will enable our staff to participate in advanced weather, climate and air quality research. This data has the capability to help save lives, save businesses and taxpayers millions of dollars annually, reduce energy consumption, and provide STEM education to the next generation of citizens.”
~Brian Fowler, President, Mount Washington Observatory

AWWA Illinois
Pete Gagne, Mount Washington Observatory IT Manager, on top of the 35-ft. tower at Hermit Lake Shelter in Tuckerman Ravine, checks the anemometer, which measures wind speed and direction.

Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery, Southampton, NY - $9,500 grant in support of sustainable aquaculture. The Hatchery was established in 2013 as a community-wide project with the purpose of restoring shellfish populations in local bays and ponds, educating students and locals of all ages on shellfish ecology and industry, and expanding local shellfish restoration initiatives. The grant will enable the Hatchery to apply advanced technologies to grow out millions of filter-feeding oysters and clams to restore and reseed local bays and estuaries.

 “The synergy between sustainable harvesting of shellfish for ecological improvement of our bays and commercial enterprise has never been more promising – or necessary. The Woodard & Curran Foundation grant will enable us to apply advanced technologies in various grow-out systems for research, education, and overall productivity. Sustainable aquaculture is the wave of the future, and we are excited that the Woodard & Curran Foundation supported our vision in a national competition.”
~Josh Belury, Executive Director, Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery

AWWA Illinois
The Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery is growing out millions of filter-feeding oysters and clams to restore and reseed local bays and estuaries.

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, Maryland Heights, MO - $9,200 grant to add 350, 6- to 8-ft. tall trees to their 5-acre nursery where each year, thousands of trees are given away throughout Missouri to groups for public and nonprofit planting. Forest ReLeaf’s programs include educating students and community volunteers who plant the trees about the many benefits trees provide. In that process, they help to achieve their goal of creating the next generation of tree stewards.

“This generous grant will allow Forest ReLeaf of Missouri to add 350, 7-gallon trees (6-8’ tall), to our nursery. These trees fill an important gap in Forest ReLeaf’s free tree distribution program and will be used for outdoor classrooms, educational conservation nature centers, as specimen trees, and for dedications and memorials. The students and community volunteers who plant the trees will learn about the many benefits trees provide and, in the process, become our next generation of tree stewards. We are honored that the Woodard & Curran Foundation has made this program possible.”
~Donna Coble, Executive Director

AWWA Illinois
Students and teachers cleared brush and mulched this 25-yd long by 15-ft wide section along their school’s entrance prior to planting a variety of Missouri-native trees and shrubs donated by Forest ReLeaf, just one example of the organization’s free tree distribution program.

Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association, St. Charles, IL - $6,300 grant to expand classroom outreach supporting its Water Saver in a Box Classroom Toolbox. The goal of the toolbox is to teach the value of water and simple conservation methods in a fun and informative way. This funding will allow them to reach thousands of teachers, children, and their parents throughout Illinois. 

 “We have struggled with how to reach the next generation of water professionals on a broader scale.   This generous grant will allow us to expand our classroom outreach to teachers and parents. We will be able to connect the students with their local utilities. The tools we will be able to provide will teach them the value of water as well as simple conservation methods.  Our volunteers are looking forward to working with the Woodard & Curran Foundation on this grant opportunity to reach thousands of teachers, children, and their parents in Illinois.
~Laurie Dougherty, Executive Director

AWWA Illinois
Expanding classroom outreach and connecting students with their local utilities will become a reality for the Illinois section of the American Water Works Association thanks to the Woodard & Curran Foundation’s grant supporting Water Saver in a Box Classroom Toolboxes.
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